Cafeeira 2 Irmãos was created in 1997 as a modest coffee trading office in Santo Antônio da Platina, a town in the state of Paraná. The company only had four employees at the time, responsible for coffee reception and storage, and its business was concentrated in two areas, basically, Londrina and Santos.

The company rapidly expanded through hard work and dedication of its founders. By 1999, Cafeeira 2 Irmãos already operated in a 9,700 sq.ft. warehouse equipped with modern machinery, and was trading 30,000 coffee bags per year. In 2004, in continuous expansion, the company decided to invest in the roast and ground segment and launched Café Florão.

Today, 15 years after its foundation and proud of its history, Cafeeira 2 Irmãos has more than 100 direct employees, industrial plants with approximately 60,000 sq.ft, three distribution centers in Curitiba (Paraná), Itu and Assis (São Paulo), and coffee reception units in Carlópolis and Lavrinha, in Paraná. The company offers to the market specialized services such as coffee dry processing with a capacity of over 500,000 bags of green coffee per year; a sensorial analyses laboratory and a coffee roasting facility for private labels and third-party brands, with a capacity of 700 tons of industrialized coffee per month, for the markets of São Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina. 

Cafeeira 2 Irmãos is also present in the roast, roast and ground and espresso coffee segments; its portfolio comprises 15 coffee brands in the traditional, superior and specialty categories.

The company follows social and environmental sustainable standards and works closely with quality certifications, which shows its commitment to high quality products both in the coffee roasting and processing facilities and respect for the people and the environment.


2 Irmãos Group has modern and certified facilities that are suitably prepared to deal with the requirements of different sectors of the coffee business. Among the services offered by the company are:

»Green coffee reception, naturals or parchment;
»Dry pocessing of green coffee;;
»Preparation of coffee for the domestic market and/or exports;
»Sample preparation;
»Creation of blends;
»Coffee evaluation (grading and cupping);
»Coffee industrialization and commercialization;
»Coffee roasting, packing and industrialization for retail private brands and other third-party brands;
»Consulting services for coffee growers.


Grupo 2 Irmãos has facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology to industrialize coffees for various segments (such as filter and espresso) and in different packaging formats such as cushion, pouch, valved or pure vacuum, stamping its brand .

For customers who want to work with small quantities even for those who move expressive volumes, Grupo 2 Irmãos offers the services of buying coffee, roasting, packaging, palletizing and delivery logistics.

Grupo 2 Irmãos meets the needs of its coffee brand, from start to finish of the process, with quality and efficiency.


Grupo 2 Irmãos values its collaborators, clients and consumers by working towards the best quality of its products and processes. The company has a properly equipped sensorial analysis laboratory and a team of professional coffee cuppers and quality analysts to guarantee the highest quality of the coffees it roasts and industrializes: all of the brands that carry the company’s name and the third-party coffee brands.

ll of the coffees commercialized by the Group undergo lab tests and sensorial analyses throughout the processing stages, from the reception and dry processing until the preparation and maintenance of blends, in order to assure the best quality and maintain features like flavors and aromas that have been winning consumers’ hearts.

Roast and ground coffees produced by 2 Irmãos Group are certified by ABIC (the Brazilian Coffee Roasters’ Association) and follow the PQC (Coffee Quality Program) standards. All coffees are certified and receive the PQC quality seal for the Traditional, Superior or Specialty categories.

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